Mash-up Jack and Jill

A Jack and Jill is a contest where you get paired up with a random partner and test how well you can social dance together. We think it’s a valuable skill to not only be able to dance socially with many different people, but also with people of all skill levels.

The Dirty Dozen Mash-Up Jack and Jill contest features a Novice (no or limited competition experience) and an Experienced Division (i.e. more than 5 competitive experiences). Remember: these divisions are based on COMPETITION experience, NOT DANCE experience. That means a very good dancer could compete in the Novice Division if he or she has never competed before.

Six dancers from each division’s prelim will be randomly paired for the Dirty Dozen Final. Prelims are on Friday night. Finals are on Saturday night.

The competition entry fee is $10 and can be purchased separately.

Prizes and Sponsors

* Beantown Camp – Beverly, MA – 2017 Discount
* Montreal Swing Riot – 2017 Event Pass
* Kind of a Big Deal Weekend – Boston, MA – 2018 Event Pass
* CCX – Cats Corner Exchange, Montreal – Choice of 2017 Weekend Workshops or Weekend Dance Pass
* Lindy Focus – Asheville, NC – Weekend Dance Pass
* Dirty Dozen Weekend – 2018 Event Pass
* Providence Swings (our reason for being)

Want to compete in this year’s Mash-up Jack & Jill competition and not certain which division to enter? Consider the following:

1. The novice division is designed for people who have little to no competition experience (i.e. 5 competitive experiences or fewer).
2. You will be considered ineligible to compete in the novice division if you have placed in the top 3 in any previous DDW Mash-up Jack and Jill competition or in any national competition.
3. You can only compete in one division.
If you are still unsure or have questions, please email Marshal Jennifer Stout at